Emilie Taylor (1993-)
Based in the Midlands, UK
Passionate about documentary and travel
Studying Photography at Coventry University. Rated the best UK Photography Course 2014-2015
International Enhancement Year at Universidad Europea de Madrid 2014 - 2015

Free Range Shows, London 2016
INSITE Degree Show, Coventry 2016
The Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo 2016
Portrait Salon, London 2015
Picbod, Leamington Spa 2014
'The Final Major Project' Stamford 2012

Free Range Shows
Portrait Salon
The Spalding Guardian 

INSITE, London 2016
Picturing Atrocity: The Reception of Exposed Human Injustice

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contact: emilietaylorphotography@hotmail.co.uk

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